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      We use data-driven technology to create real-time tools for airport operators. Our adaptive approach aligns with your KPIs and scales to meet changing demands.


      Our smart technologies enable proactive problem-solving for security professionals, ensuring seamless operations based on human presence data.


      Our hospitality solutions balance guest satisfaction with resource optimization by enabling personalized service while maximizing efficiency.

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We automate simple repetitive tasks in physical surveillance by measuring human presence in different situations. Continuous monitoring can detect anything from a beating heart to a left-behind object. Providing access control systems with accurate and reliable data to make a decision. By automating this process, you will reduce costs and have happier staff.


Automate your physical surveillance with presence monitoring to streamline access control areas, reduce costs and boost staff happiness.

The benefits

Less resources

Reliable 24/7

Happier staff

Cost reduction

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How it works

Our IR-UWB radars scan objects to see if any life is present and provides the outcome to security systems to take further decisions. This solution can be applied in various airport areas, such as security zones and baggage handling areas. Automating access control areas can enhance staff efficiency and satisfaction while reducing costs.

Odd-size baggage

Staff entry point

Swing gates

Airside goods & supplies


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